SUPER-HUMAN Activation & ENERGY MASTERY Online Course Package

18 Hours of Online Videos with Practical Training

2 FULL Courses Included

8 Hours of Healing Shadow Work and Higher-Self Activation Techniques.  10 Hours of Energy Mastery Practical Training and 30 Day Action Plan to get started! Our Best all-in-one package for Super-Human Transformation.


Unlock your super-human potential within 8 hours of supercharged training over this 2-Day Class Recording. Your Super-Human potential will be activated by completing this now online video course.

You will be guided through the use of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time-Line Therapy, Breathwork, Meditation, and Qi Energy Work to connect with your TRUE higher self and become Super-Human. This is an extremely practice-based event where you will actually do techniques that will include advanced therapy for healing and energy work for activating the Super-Human Demi-God version of you.

NOTE: Below is just a BRIEF overview of SOME of what is covered there is so MUCH more!

Session 1 - Shadow Work and Healing

- Understanding, embracing, and working with your shadows self.
- NLP technique for integrating and accepting shadow self.
- The Art of Forgiveness - forgiving your past and others.
- Time Line Therapy for releasing past trauma.
- The Grateful Flow - an Excercise in Gratitude.
- The Art of Detachment - Techniques for releasing attachments and shedding the Ego Identity.
- Guided Deep Meditation for connecting with your Soul assisted with Sound Healing Frequencies.
- Internal Martial Arts - How to face and defeat your shadows with this powerful unorthodox method.

Session 2 - Light Body and Kundalini Activation

- Understanding the Light Body and how it is activated.
- Understanding Kundalini Energy and how it is activated.
- State of Mind and Energy Management - Mastering Yin and Yang.
- The importance of Rhythm and Motion for Light Body\Kundalini activation.
- Advanced Training with practical techniques used for Light Body and Kundalini Activation:
- Advanced Kamo Breathwork Techniques for increasing CSF (Cerebro-Spinal Fluid) Flow into the Brain for Higher Consciousness.
- Kamotion Qigong Practice for harnessing Life force Energy and balancing Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Energy.

The Full Live Event was recorded and is available as an instantly accessible online video course via our secure education portal on this website.

ENERGY MASTERY COURSE DETAILS - 10 Hours of Practical Training

It is a fully recorded 2-day event with 10 hours of coaching and practical sessions.

In this awesome life-changing Online Course, you will learn to harness, transmute, balance, and Master Energy within your Body and Bio-Field.


- 30 day action plan for fasting, rest, dynamic meditation, breathwork for the direct activation of the Pineal Gland, Higher Consciousness and assist in opening your third eye 👁
this will create the NEW YOU from the inside out!


A better more fulfilling, joyful life for you and your loved ones.

You will learn:

- The KEYS to an Enlightened and Heavenly Mind.
- The Energy Mastery Mindset
- Dynamic Meditation Practices
- Kamo Breathwork
- Kamotion QiGong
- Fasting and Rest Protocols for Mind, Body and Spirit cleansing.

See below for the FULL Course Breakdown!

Session 1

  • Introduction to Sound Healing Frequencies.
  • Energy is Everything - the keys to mastering it and not just knowing this.
  • Yin and Yang concepts and how they apply to life.
  • Understanding Devine Feminine and Divine Masculine aspects of duality.
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) - Understanding Perception is Projection.
  • The Power of the Unconscious Mind and the keys to unlocking its true potential.
  • Introduction to the techniques: Breathwork, Dynamic Meditation and Qigong.

Session 2

  • Energy Frequencies.
  • Brainwaves Frequencies.
  • Understanding Kundalini Energy merging of Shakti (Divine Power) and Shiva (Cosmic Consciousness)
  • Intro to Pranayama and Prana - The practice of using life force energy behind Breath.
  • The Sushumna Channel and how to visualise its energy and how it moves.
  • The Strategy and Art of Kamo Breathwork techniques.
  • Practical Breathwork sessions with group with tips for best practice and experience.

Session 3

Session 4

  • Practical Energising Kamo Breathwork to music standing up.
  • Expansion on Sushumna channel concepts with Ida and Pingala Nadi activation.
  • Into to Qigong concepts - feeling Yin and Yang energies
  • Intro to Tai Chi concepts - pushing and pulling energy.
  • Putting it all together with Music to perform the much more fun way with KAMOTiON QiGong.
  • Bio-Field Activation with Qigong.
  • Aura and energy cleansing with Qigong.

Session 5

The 30 Day Action Plan is broken down explaining how to move forward for best results following this course.

  • Sleep Protocols for rhythm.
  • Fasting Protocols for enhanced energy and clarity of mind.
  • Relaxing and Energising techniques plan with recommended number of practices.
  • The difference between affirmations and incantations and the phrases to be used.
  • What is optional and not optional over the 4 weeks.
  • Intro to Cold showers for higher consciousness and energy activation

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