SUPER-HUMAN Activation with Energy Mastery Online Course Package

18 Hours of Online Videos with Practical Training

2 FULL Courses Included

8 Hours of Healing Shadow Work and Higher-Self Activation Techniques.  10 Hours of Energy Mastery Practical Training and 30 Day Action Plan to get started! Our all-in-one package for Super-Human Transformation.

Master Kambo

ACTiVATE your HIGHER SELF with Master Kambo

You can achieve this with proven techniques that you will feel working instantly once you start the practices.

We Offer:

  • Online Courses and One-to-One Coaching to assist you on the Journey to a Life FULL of Energy and Balance with Higher Consciousness activation techniques.
  • Learn how to heal from any trauma that may hold you back with techniques like NLP & Time Line Therapy.
  • Learn safe & practical techniques to assist in activating your Third-eye, Kundalini, and Light-Body.  Using a combination of Yogic and Qigong systems.
  • KAMO Breathwork Practices for relaxation, reducing anxiety and stress as well as unique High-Energy Breathwork for activating your SUPER-HUMAN potential.
  • Dynamic Meditation Practices in nature for a Meditative state of mind with your eyes open.
  • Qigong has EVOLVED - Learn KAMOTiON QiGong, a unique method combining breathwork and movements which allow you to feel and harness Life-Force Energy at will.

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