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Awakening the Dreamer Within: A Guide to Living and Fulfilling Life using the 12 Jungian Archetypes

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The Inner Alchemist's Handbook: Applying the 7 Hermetic Principles for Spiritual Growth 

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Live The Dream: A Guide to Enlightenment and Freedom from the Matrix

(Published: August 2021)

I am recognized by many as a devoted father, husband, and professional encompassing roles such as an author, trader, coach, therapist, martial artist, music producer, and entrepreneur. However, my identity transcends these roles, reflecting a belief that we are more than our occupations or societal roles. This philosophy guides my approach to life, emphasizing authenticity and measuring success not by material wealth but by the richness of one's character and heart.


PROFESSIONAL BACKGROUND: Career Highlights and Experience

As a Certified Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner and Time Line Therapist since 2006, I have honed my skills in understanding and influencing human behavior and thought processes.

I began my exploration of martial arts at seven years old. Over 38 years, I've immersed myself in a range of disciplines, such as Karate, Boxing, Kung Fu, Taiji, Krav Maga, Nei-Gong, and Qi-Gong. This varied training has been fundamental in forging my approach to physical and mental health. My deep affinity for Chinese martial arts and Daoist philosophies has been especially influential, leading me to develop my unique Internal Arts system, Kamotion Qi-Gong, which I am now passionate about teaching.

I started my career in the financial sector in 2003 as a Financial Derivatives Trader. My method, blending auction market theory with technical and risk analysis, has been a key factor in my success in a highly competitive field. In 2006, I broadened my role to include being a Trader's Coach, where I leveraged my knowledge to help others navigate the intricacies of trading, with a particular focus on Traders Psychology.

Following a period of significant personal experiences and the ensuing challenges, I began to reassess my career path. This period of reflection prompted me to discontinue my role as a coach for traders. The primary motivation behind this decision was my desire to find a professional setting that resonated more authentically with my true self. Aligning my career with my personal values and goals became a priority for me. Consequently, while I continue to be involved in trading, my focus has shifted to trading solely for my own interests. This approach ensures that my professional actions are consistent with my ethical principles and personal aspirations.

As an entrepreneur, I am committed to sharing my diverse gifts, experiences, and knowledge. My passion for teaching is evident in my approach, as I endeavor to empower others through education and personal development. My multifaceted career reflects a dedication to lifelong learning and a commitment to helping others achieve their highest potential.

I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Information Studies with a 2:1 classification from the University of Westminster in London in 2001.

Those who follow me may already be aware of my deep passion for music. This interest began when I started a professional DJ career at just 16 years old. When I moved to London for university studies, I actively pursued DJing, frequently performing at nightclubs and student events.

I have rekindled this passion for music, unveiling an array of new tracks that have quickly captured the hearts of listeners worldwide.  My music transcends mere sound, offering a spiritual journey that invites listeners to explore the depths of their own minds and the rich soundscapes his melodies carve out. For those eager to experience this auditory voyage, my latest tracks are available across a wide spectrum of platforms, including iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, Instagram, Amazon Music, Soundcloud, Deezer, and more, ensuring his resonant message of internal harmony through music is accessible to all.

OVERCOMING LIFE’S CHALLENGES: Dealing with Loss, Physical and Emotional Pain

In December 2018, I encountered a profound personal tragedy: the loss of my eldest brother, aged 43, to complications arising from depression and alcohol abuse. This event plunged me into a deep state of mourning, marked by my own battle with depressive thoughts and a profound sense of loss. My brother was not only a sibling but also my closest confidant, and his passing left an indelible void in my life. This period represented the most challenging phase I had ever faced, as I grappled with intense emotional turmoil.

However, it was through this experience that I gained crucial insights. I came to understand the tangible impacts of depression and its potential to drive individuals towards harmful coping mechanisms like substance abuse. My brother's untimely demise served as a stark lesson about the dangers of such dependencies. This understanding fueled my commitment to overcome my struggles and to advocate strongly against the use of substances for temporary solace, promoting healthier alternatives instead.

Amidst this personal crisis, the unwavering support of my family – my wife, two children, and mother, who had previously endured the loss of her husband and eldest son – was pivotal. Their love and my resolve to not inflict further pain upon them were instrumental in my recovery.

I've experienced my fair share of physical challenges, with injuries from weight training and martial arts leading to spine and hip issues as I aged. This prompted a shift in focus towards internal practices, which form the core of what I teach in the Kamotion Qi-Gong Mastery Commune.

These experiences coincided with my spiritual journey post-Kundalini awakening. I have learned that even after such profound spiritual experiences, life's lessons continue to shape us. The process of integrating Kundalini energy requires significant changes, aligning one's physical being with their highest spiritual self. This journey can be overwhelming without the proper tools and techniques to manage the energies.  The trauma of losing my brother led to a temporary short-circuit of my Kundalini energy, which you will read more about below.

Reflecting upon this period, this phase was necessary for my evolution and spiritual awakening, which entailed further dissolution of my ego and the emergence of a deeper spiritual consciousness.

The true journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth begins with a Kundalini Awakening, which is not the end goal but rather a starting point leading toward enlightenment. Many spiritual leaders discuss reaching this awakening but often provide limited guidance on the path that follows. My purpose is to address this gap by guiding individuals beyond the awakening and enlightenment stages, helping them navigate and embrace the inevitable challenges of life that accompany this journey. My focus is on providing a holistic approach that encompasses both spiritual growth and practical life experiences.

REBIRTH: A Journey of Self-Discovery and Renewal

In my quest to regain control over my life, I faced numerous challenges. Initially, I adhered to the conventional medical advice, which primarily involved medication to alleviate symptoms. Unfortunately, this approach led to significant weight gain and persistent struggles with depression. Living in constant discomfort became my everyday reality.

Realizing the necessity of proactive self-help, I turned to Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Time-Line Therapy techniques, which I had previously used to assist others, applying them to my own situation.

Simultaneously, I rekindled my passion for Martial Arts, Exercise, Qi Gong, Meditation, and Music. This holistic approach rapidly set me back on the path to recovery. During this transformative period, I minimized my public business engagements to concentrate fully on my personal redevelopment.

This journey underscored the importance of self-love as a prerequisite for loving others effectively.

By January 2021, I experienced a profound rebirth. This process led me to recognize that I already possessed all the necessary skills and tools to conquer any of life’s challenges. Through mastery of these tools and techniques, I achieved a greater understanding and control of myself.

This epiphany inspired me to author my first book, "Live the Dream: A Guide to Enlightenment and Freedom from the Matrix." The book delves into the concept that our existence is akin to a temporary dream state, and we are the architects of this dream.

This transformation was both internal and external, culminating in improved physical fitness, weight loss, and a newfound harmony between my mind, body, and spirit. I reached a heightened state of consciousness, evolving into a version of myself more aligned with my highest potential. This metamorphosis enabled me to overcome self-doubt and fears, transcending them to a significant extent.

In mastering my approach to managing depression and physical pain, I developed the Kamotion Qi-Gong Methods. These techniques, which I now teach in private communities and online courses, have proven effective in addressing these challenges.

Compelled to share these methods with others, I set a new life goal in May 2021: to assist others in overcoming depression, past traumas, and to facilitate the awakening of consciousness. Despite my inability to help my brother, I found success in aiding myself and others.

In June 2021, I launched the @themindomatter Instagram and Facebook pages, which rapidly garnered over 100,000 followers each. My story of resilience and recovery resonated worldwide, with many finding value in the breathing techniques and the Mx6 strategy (Morning, Motivation, Movement, Music, Meditation, and Mindset) I shared for managing depression and elevating consciousness.

Opting to prioritize this over my previous role in financial trading, I chose to focus solely on this newfound path. This decision marked a shift in my coaching approach, dedicating my time to those in dire need of alternative mental and physical self-healing methods. I embarked on a journey to foster a community centered around love and awareness, opening a new chapter in my life dedicated to helping others.



Embarking on a spiritual quest at the tender age of 15, I was drawn to "The Opening of the Third Eye" by Dr. Douglas Baker, a cherished book of my late father, who was deeply spiritual. His passing when I was seven profoundly affected me, and this book marked the beginning of a transformative 30-years plus journey.  As a teenager, I experienced a curious incident involving this book in my room where I often played computer games. This particular book, without any apparent cause, fell from my bookshelf three times – when I was 12, 14, and again at 15. It was on the third occasion that I felt compelled to read it thoroughly. I couldn't help but feel that this was a way for my father's spirit to reach out to me. Notably, my father's name was Satnaam , meaning "Truth." In the book's final pages, he had penned a profound statement: "The Truth is High, Higher Still is Truthful Living." This book, from an early age, introduced me to some remarkable concepts and ideas.  To provide a little insight the first page starts with some prodigious concepts that we must face:

1. That the material world is an ILLUSION.
2. That TIME can be manipulated, slowed down, so that we can live in the ETERNAL NOW.
3. That we have a divine SELF... a higher nature... the real inner entity or soul WHICH WE CANNOT EVEN REMEMBER and Who ignores the petty problems of our personalities.
4. That we, our lower selves, are asleep or, at best, only partly conscious.
5. That we have powers LATENT WITHIN us.
6. That the ultimate, for us, is immortality and eternity.

This book comprehensively explores techniques for stimulating chakras and unlocking the third eye. This exploration sparked my interest in a broader range of esoteric texts, including works by Dr. Douglas Baker and various other authors. It was through these studies that I developed a deep fascination with the concept of Kundalini Awakening and the Enlightenment process. These ideas propose that humans can unlock their full potential and achieve a heightened state of consciousness.

In my early years, coping with the loss of my father, I was introduced to karate at seven and later explored boxing and Wing Chun Kung Fu as a teenager. At 14, I began integrating meditation and breathing techniques into my martial arts training, eventually becoming a Kung Fu instructor at 19. Over three decades, I trained under various masters, honing skills in Meditation, Yoga, Neidan (Inner Alchemy), Nei Gong, Qi Gong, and Mixed Martial Arts.

My journey into meditation, yoga, and Qi-Gong began with intermittent practice, but over a decade of consistent dedication led to a significant milestone in 2015: a profound Kundalini Awakening. This experience was marked by extraordinary perceptions beyond the physical world, out-of-body experiences, and a transcendent state of mind. This awakening brought me to exhilarating heights, making me feel almost god-like at its peak.

During this phase, I had a profound experience of my light body, feeling as if I was floating in the cosmos and becoming larger than life. However, this period of intense spiritual highs was followed by challenging lows. In 2019, I faced a tough phase of ego dissolution, compounded by the trauma of losing my older brother. This experience temporarily disrupted my Kundalini energy, forcing me to learn how to reactivate it.

Through these experiences, I have learned an important lesson: the practice and maintenance of Kundalini energy must be approached with consistent care and attention. The journey taught me the significance and the potential challenges of a Kundalini Awakening, and the importance of a disciplined approach in spiritual practices.

In February 2021, my Kundalini Awakening reached its zenith. For 40 days, I experienced a sustained state of transcended consciousness, a transformational period of enlightenment and bliss, leading to significant internal and external changes.

Based on my personal experiences, I've learned that the Kundalini energy serves as a guide, originating from a divine creative force. I've noticed a significant gap in understanding the Kundalini awakening process among many experts in the field. My experiences have taught me that practicing Kundalini Yoga without proper training can be risky. A more comprehensive understanding, combining aspects of physical, energetic, and spiritual well-being, has been gained through the principles of Qi-Gong and Nei-Gong systems. Merging this knowledge with an awareness of the Kundalini circuit offers a holistic, practical, and safer approach. This method not only facilitates the awakening of Kundalini energy but also aids in effectively managing and integrating this potent force into a lifestyle that supports its continuous activation and functioning in the body for many years post-awakening.

This journey has not only redefined my understanding of the kundalini, self, and purpose but has also inspired me to assist others undergoing their own spiritual awakenings.

Through my Instagram pages (@themindofmatter, @theartofinneralchemy, and @kamotionqigong), I share insights and guidance.

KAMOTiON Qi-GONG, which I proudly offer, is a unique blend of various healing and spiritual awakening techniques. Its primary goal is to streamline the spiritual journey, providing effective methods for activating, integrating, and managing kundalini awakening. This aspect is crucial, as many systems focus solely on activation, posing risks to individuals who experience an awakening but lack the necessary tools for proper management. Kundalini, once awakened, can be significantly impacted by traumatic events, such as the loss of a loved one, an experience I personally encountered following the passing of my older brother. My journey, under the guidance of a higher spiritual force, has taught me the most effective ways to handle and assimilate this potent divine energy. By properly reconnecting the kundalini circuit, it can function optimally within the physical body, transforming the individual into a powerful instrument of positive change and spiritual alignment. It is my understanding of these challenges and the need for proper guidance that motivates me to offer these services.

In addition, my latest endeavors involve writing more books. "The Art of Inner Alchemy: Nurturing the spirit through QiGong and Kundalini" and “Awakening the Dreamer Within: A Guide to Living a Fulfilling Life using the 12 Jungian Archetypes”, are due to be released in 2024.  Follow me on social media to be kept up to date on official release dates.

Join me in this journey of healing, self-love, self-discovery, and empowerment. Let us unlock our full potential together.

One Love

Master Kambo


"Sat Nam Master Kambo, I am so blessed to have you as my Qi Gong teacher. You are the youngest teacher /master I ever had and certainly one of the wisest. 🙏❤️ Wahe Guru"

Farnaz - Portugual

"You’re an angel on earth.  You are an incredible Master! What you’re teaching is beyond Qi Gong and like I have said you have changed my life. I am truly grateful for you and Kamotion Qi Gong."

Melissa - USA

"I learn from the best! Learning to master my energy and create from there is one of the greatest gifts and this one is truly a master and an incredible gift to this world. So much gratitude and it has been life changing and soooo enhancing 🤍✨️🙏. Check out @themindofmatter and Kamotion Qi Gong!"

Aniela - Canada

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