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Learn how to balance and harness Qi Life Force Energy for Healing the Mind and Body forming a Deeper Connection to Spirit and your Higher Self.

You will understand the Science, Art, and Practice to awaken your FULL POTENTIAL in our Private Online Community with a weekly Live Zoom Class, over 100 HOURS of previous class recordings, and Daily Challenges to keep you disciplined with your practice.



With access to over 100 HOURS of previous live classes and 1x LIVE Zoom class per week. 

The subscription is just £47 per month


This is for those that are serious about becoming the best version of themselves with the most powerful techniques that Master Kambo has spent many years mastering.  


"KAMOTiON QiGong is a LiFESTYLE for Transformation inside and out"

Here is what is included: 


Join us for a live Zoom class every week on Thursday at 6-7pm GMT (1-2pm EST).

These sessions are designed to enhance your learning, maintain discipline, and foster a classroom-like environment where we can practice KAMOTiON QiGONG together. Engaging in these live classes is an unparalleled way to learn the internal art of mastering energy. For your convenience, all classes are recorded, allowing you to access them in the future or catch up on any sessions you might miss.


All live Zoom classes are recorded and exclusively available to our community members. These sessions often incorporate a variety of methods from the extensive list we offer. Each session typically lasts between 1 to 2 hours, focusing primarily on practical training. However, we also provide in-depth explanations of the techniques used and the reasons behind their application.


Our community exists apart from mainstream social platforms, providing a dedicated space for serious growth and development in mental, physical, and spiritual aspects. It is a place where you can share your own posts, videos, and personal journey, as well as view contributions from other team members. This environment offers the support and structure necessary to keep you motivated throughout your journey.


On the community page, you'll find a section dedicated to "Challenges," designed to help you maintain accountability and discipline in your practices. Master Kambo will post various challenges, and you're encouraged to share your feedback, along with any videos or pictures, within the community. Sharing is highly encouraged, as it's remarkable how much we can learn from one another's experiences and insights.

JOIN this Community for Evolution towards becoming "A Super-Conscious Fully Energised Being"

Combining knowledge, wisdom and powerful practical techniques including but not limited to:

  • Daoist Inner Alchemy (Neidan) - learning to cultivate and transform Energy in all forms.
  • The 5 Elements - Hermetic and Daoist systems.
  • Hermeticism and The 7 Hermetic Principals.
  • Buiding Jing (Physical Essence): Qi Gong methods, for building your core essence and vitality. Including nutrition and lifestyle tips.
  • Building Qi (Energy): Using KAMOTiON QiGong breathwork and moving meditation techniques for the cultivation of life force energy.
  • Building Shen (Spirit): A deeper spiritual connection with higher self and the divine, with advanced techniques merging the qualities of Jing, Qi and Shen.
  • The essential KAMOTiON Qigong Postures and Forms.
  • Kundalini Yoga - Pranayama, Mudras, Mantras etc.
  • Advanced Kundalini Activation and Management Techniques - merging Daoist Alchemy and Kundalini Yoga science and practice in a safe manner.
  • Unblock Energy Channels - Learn to correct breath, body and mind avoiding classic energy work, kundalini mistakes and dangers.
  • NLP: Neuro Linguistics Programming and Time Line Therapy techniques.
  • Music\Sound Therapy.
  • Advanced KAMOTiON Qigong Techniques for Connecting with Terrestrial and Heavenly Qi sources.
  • Much more!

Checkout the example Live Zoom Class Recording below, and the glowing written testimonials from existing members below the video.  You will also find another Video featuring further testimonials from commune members and their experiences.


What is Kamotion Qi-Gong?

Kamotion Qi-Gong is a unique approach to Qi Gong, developed by Master Kambo, also known as Kam Dhadwar. It's a modern evolution of traditional Qi Gong practices, combining various elements to create a holistic and dynamic form of movement and meditation.

Key aspects of Kamotion Qi-Gong include:

1. Combination of Breathwork and Movement:

Kamotion Qi-Gong integrates breathwork with physical movement. This combination is designed to enhance energy flow (Qi) in the body, promoting both physical and mental well-being.

2. Incorporation of Music:

Music plays a significant role in Kamotion Qi-Gong. The practice uses music to bring the Qi Gong movements to life, potentially making the sessions more engaging and enjoyable. This element might also help practitioners enter a flow state more easily.

3. Focus on Mental and Physical Health:

The practice aims to assist in managing depression and physical pain, as well as to activate higher consciousness. It is designed to be a tool for self-healing and personal transformation.

4. Accessibility and Community:

Master Kambo offers this practice through online courses and classes, making it accessible to a wider audience. He also fosters a sense of community among practitioners.

5. Holistic Approach:

The practice is not just about physical movement; it also encompasses mental and spiritual aspects. It integrates teachings from various disciplines, including Daoist Alchemy, Kundalini Yoga Philosophy, and Spiritual Qi Gong Practice.

6. Dynamic Meditation Practices:

Kamotion Qi-Gong includes unique dynamic meditation practices, which are performed in nature and aim to achieve a meditative state of mind with eyes open.

7. Inner Alchemy and Energy Mastery:

The practice is also linked with the concepts of inner alchemy and energy mastery, focusing on personal growth and the development of one's inner potential.

Master Kambo's approach to Qi Gong is a reflection of his personal journey and experiences. He has tailored this practice to not only improve physical fitness but also to aid in mental health management, spiritual awakening, and self-discovery.

Hear what others are saying...

Commune Member Testimonials

Melissa H

"You’re an angel on earth.  You are an incredible Master! What you’re teaching is beyond Qi Gong and like I have said you have changed my life. I am truly grateful for you and Kamotion Qi Gong."

Aniela E

"I learn from the best! Learning to master my energy and create from there is one of the greatest gifts and this one is truly a master and an incredible gift to this world. So much gratitude and it has been life changing and soooo enhancing 🤍✨️🙏. Check out @themindofmatter and Kamotion Qi Gong!"



With access to over 100 HOURS of previous live classes and 1x LIVE Zoom classes per week on Thursday at 1pm London BST (6pm EST).

All classes are fully recorded if you cannot attend live!

The subscription is just £47 per month

This is for those who are serious about healing mentally, physically, and emotionally, becoming the best version of themselves with the most powerful techniques that Master Kambo has spent many years mastering.